About Us


Servatus was established in 2012.

Our goal is to commercialise our proprietary technology working in due course with one or more corporate partners in the  bio-pharmaceutical industry.



The company takes its name from Saint Servatus who was a churchman and diplomat in the fourth century and became bishop of Tongeren in modern-day Belgium.  He is invoked by Catholics as patron saint with healing powers for a range of ailments including rheumatism.


Intellectual Property

Our core intellectual property is the directed alteration for improving clinical performance of selected protein drugs. Our initial pending application for a key patent was filed recently with the US Patent Office. We plan to seek corresponding protection in other jurisdictions (besides the US) under the PCT process  We anticipate expanding our patent coverage to ensure broader protection of our core technology platform.


Current Activity

Basic research work has been completed.  We are now proceeding with pre-clinical work before  moving to clinical trials. Our current expectation is to have successfully entered phase 1 trials (human safety testing) during 2018.



Servatus is a public unlisted company and is now Servatus Ltd.



Initial operations started in 2013 and were financed by a preliminary capital investment.

This funded initial work necessary for filing of our patent pending to protect our core technology.