Christopher De Bakker

Christopher de Bakker

Protein Chemist 

Chris was initially involved with Servatus as a consultant in 2014 and joined the company full time in 2017.  Chris has had an extensive career in industrial chemistry, and commercial and academic scientific research.  He spent the last 17 years in the biotechnology industry, focusing on the research, development and manufacture of biologics for clinical and therapeutic applications.

Chris began his biotech journey in 2001 with a medical device company (Vapotronics Ltd/Injet Digital Aerosols), formulating and testing proteins for inhalation delivery.  He then moved to an early-stage drug development company, developing skills in the production and testing of biologics at both research and manufacturing scale. Chris subsequently joined the National Biologics Facility at the University of Queensland as Protein Analytics and Downstream Processing Manager.  He was responsible for coordinating and implementing all testing and protein purification elements of customer contracts and contributed to departmental research projects.  Chris also was responsible for developing test methods and systems according to GMP for the manufacture and release of Hendra virus antibody.

Chris has extensive knowledge of protein production and proven experience in developing biologics for clinical applications.  Chris is listed as one of the inventors on two patents and has co-authored ten publications in international scientific journals. 

Chris holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Applied Chemistry) from QUT and a postgraduate Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) from the University of Queensland.